New podcast: Michael Toothill – Kilmarnock Enterprises

New podcast: Michael Toothill – Kilmarnock Enterprises

The Bold Company Podcast, hosted by Business Canterbury’s Hannah Weeds and Vaughan Fleming, offers a compelling glimpse into the dynamic world of Canterbury’s business community. In each episode, they sit down with visionaries driving innovation, resilience, and success in the region.

Episode 3 features Michael Toothill, Chief Executive of Kilmarnock Enterprises. Kilmarnock, a prominent social enterprise based in Canterbury, focuses on integrating individuals with intellectual disabilities into the workforce and breaking down the stigma. Michael discusses Kilmarnock’s evolution from traditional packaging jobs to innovative projects like their eco-cleaning range, Will&Able.

We discuss balancing profitability with social impact, reflecting on the challenges and successes that defined their journey. Tune into this inspiring story here.

The first season of the podcast is sponsored by Christchurch Airport, growing the engine room for Canterbury business, with production support from the team at Ruffells, one of Christchurch’s leading creative studios.

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