New podcast: Harriet Riley – Forewinds

New podcast: Harriet Riley – Forewinds

The Bold Company Podcast, hosted by Business Canterbury’s Hannah Weeds and Vaughan Fleming, offers a compelling glimpse into the dynamic world of Canterbury’s business community. In each episode, they sit down with visionaries driving innovation, resilience, and success in the region.

Episode 4 features Harriet Riley, co-founder of Forewinds, a Canterbury-based women’s golf clothing brand.

In the podcast we discuss how Harriet and her mother Liz started the company out of a need for stylish and comfortable golf wear made from quality materials such as merino and organic cotton. They discuss the origins of Forewinds and the challenges and joys of starting a business with family.

Harriet also shares insights into their customer support and marketing strategies, including social media and local community engagement. The episode concludes with a lively quick-fire question segment and enthusiasm for the brand’s future in supporting New Zealand-made products and expanding its presence in the golfing community. Tune into the podcast here.

The first season of the podcast is sponsored by Christchurch Airport, growing the engine room for Canterbury business, with production support from the team at Ruffells, one of Christchurch’s leading creative studios.

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