New Bold Company podcast tells local business stories

New Bold Company podcast tells local business stories

Bold Company Podcast featuring Brianne West

Complementing the launch of the Bold Company website, Business Canterbury has launched the Bold Company podcast. The podcast’s intent is to tell the stories of Canterbury businesses and the people behind them highlighting innovation, determination, success and lessons learned.

The podcast is hosted by Hannah Weeds, Business Canterbury’s brand marketing specialist and Vaughan Fleming, Business Canterbury’s membership manager.

In the first episode, Hannah and Vaughan interview serial entrepreneur Brianne West founder of Incrediballs. Brianne shares the story of her relentless pursuit of creating environmentally conscious businesses.

Brianne recounts her evolution from a university student experimenting with cosmetic chemistry to becoming a leader in sustainable business. She delves into the challenges and triumphs of developing eco-friendly products and how engaging with the community has been crucial to her success.

Tune in to hear Brianne’s captivating story and her drive to make a positive impact on the planet, along with a few laughs.

New episodes of Bold Company will drop every three weeks, with ten episodes in the first season. The first season of the podcast is sponsored by Christchurch Airport, growing the engine room for Canterbury business, with production support from the team at Ruffells, one of Christchurch’s leading creative studios.

You can find and subscribe to Bold Company on Spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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